Life Originelle was born to meet women where they are and to provide them with something they want along with something they truly need. Buried in our souls is the love of helping one another, something we never consider a need, but find to be an essential part of our lives. In giving we fulfill something that words cannot always express. This very act of service without expecting anything back is an act that allows us to feel more and more human each time we do it; It's as if we were created to love and give. Simply put, people need love, and people need people. 

Seasonal causes are what allows us to do just that! Through our Cause & Charity of the Season program, we provide help to those in need in two big ways: we raise awareness for the need and cause while also financially supporting them by the means of partial proceeds from each order made at Life Originelle.

As women who run and operate Life Originelle, we carry a strong passion for uplifting women in all parts of the world, locally and globally. Through our current Charity of the Season, from April - June 2021, we want to dedicate our voices and funds to equip, educate and empower women entrepreneurship. Throughout this season we will be donating 10% of our profits to our partner, Heifer International who makes it possible to help women gain economic security through Promise Gift Baskets. The charity's cost for one basket is $85 which:

  • Provides income by supplying eggs and other goods to sell
  • Sustains families with nourishment from protein
  • Allows families to Pass on the Gift to their neighbors, lifting up their communities

"The money earned from selling the goods produced by this gift will pay for better housing for a woman needing to find decent shelter for her family, as well as school tuition and supplies for her children. And it will enable her to Pass on the Gift quickly, securing the promise of a better future for her entire neighborhood."

We are honored to know such an impactful organization that brings freedom and opportunity for women to plant for their futures and for their children's futures. We are tremendously blessed to raise awareness and funds for the work Heifer International brings to women around the world.

Much Love, 

Margaret Andriassian
Founder, Life Originelle

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