"We won’t stop until every child has safe water." - Lifewater.com

The Water Crisis

Every two minutes, a child dies from a preventable waterborne disease. More than 771 million people live without access to safe water.


The global water crisis impacts 771 million people: 1 in 10 people—on the planet today. Plus, 1 in 4 lack access to a toilet, a critical element to overall health.


Clean drinking water and basic sanitation are critical to life. Without them, families walk miles for water that makes them sick, spend their income on medication, and struggle to send their children to school.


"The good news," says Lifewater, "This is entirely preventable. We can end the crisis in our lifetime."


For more than 45 years, Lifewater has walked alongside children and families in extreme poverty to provide clean water, improved health, and hope for generations to come. "We are Christians committed to ending the global water and sanitation crisis so every child can thrive as God intends."


Lifewater does more than build wells. By addressing water, sanitation and hygiene practices (WASH) in homes and schools, waterborne diseases are virtually eliminated.

Local Leaders

Our in-country teams are comprised of 100% local Christian staff to best serve villages. By working with local residents, systems, and structures, programs are more effective and sustainable. Read more about job creation through Lifewater.

Local Investments

Communities know the pride of ownership. Each village contributes 10-20% of the cost of the water project through labor, materials and/or capital. Lifewater sources only local materials for all clean water projects. Read the entire process at Lifewater.


Lifewater uses real-time data and analytics from the field to provide the best service and most sustainable solution. Our repair and maintenance program monitors all clean water sources to ensure they last for generations to come.

How It Works

Lifewater’s grassroots approach to solving the global water and sanitation crisis is called “Vision of a Healthy Village.” It operates from the belief that real, lasting change takes all of us—donors, local communities, and Lifewater staff—working in partnership with one another so that no one is left behind.

Watch their video to learn more about each part of the process.

Steps 1-10

1. Selecting Regions 2. District-Wide Planning and Engineering 3. Ministry Partnerships 4. WASH Training 5: Healthy Homes 6. Community Contribution 7. ODF Verification 8. Safe Water Construction 9. Healthy Village Celebration 10. Sustainability and Maintenance

45 Years Of Impact

300,000 + People Served with safe water, health, and lasting hope

40,000 + Healthy Homes

The solution for water-related illnesses is all-encompassing and it starts house by house. Lifewater staff walk alongside local leaders, WASH facilitators, committed to their community’s health and train them in 7 life-saving hygiene and sanitation habits called healthy habits.

800 + Safe Water Sources

An entire community is empowered with a water source close to home and is custom built to meet a community’s needs for years to come for a village, school or church.

When you give safe water, you give a whole community access to this life-changing resource. Mothers have more time to care for their families and start new businesses. Children can stay in school. Whole communites are empowered to rise out of poverty and thrive as God intended.

Lifewater &

Life Originelle

Partial proceeds of each and every order on our site goes towards contributing clean water through Lifewater's incredible organization. Because Lifewater's impact has lifetime value, formulas and calculations are rough estimates. The current formula our donations are based off of is that $65 helps provide 1 child with clean water for their entire life.

To Donate Directly

To learn more and support Lifewater's incredible organization please visit their website.
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