• Christmas 2020

    Christmas 2020

    Cause of the Season: November 2020 - December 2020  This year has been anything but expected. Much has been given, and much has been taken. We think it's safe to say that life got a bit more real for everyone around the globe. This Christmas, we want to dedicate our hearts to bringing a smile to children on Christmas morning. That's why at Life Originelle,...
  • How Can I Help People Experiencing Homelessness?

    How Can I Help People Experiencing Homelessness?

    Homelessness is a global crisis that affects people all around our nation and the world. If you’ve read the report on Understanding Homelessness or have somehow stumbled upon this article, you'll find that the first step in helping to combat this crisis is understanding the unspoken causes and circumstances that lead to a life lived on the streets. Learn more here for an introduction on the causes of homelessness.   In...
  • Understanding Homelessness

    Understanding Homelessness

    We all know the feeling – you notice the elderly man despondently shaking a cup of coins, and you avert your eyes. An unkempt teen begins asking about a spare dollar, and you’re suddenly busily involved with your phone. Maybe you cross the street to avoid a make-shift shelter built from a shopping cart and a dirty tarp. You feel a little guilty, but...
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