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As an Armenian owned business we stand with our brothers and sisters in Armenia and Artsakh. We are seeing history repeat itself in modern day 2020. Our great grandparents survived the 1915 Armenian Genocide that killed 1.5 million Armenians, and over hundreds of thousands Assyrians and Pontic Greeks at the hands of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey to ethnically cleanse the land of Christianity. Turkey has denied this genocide and used WW1 as a coverup for their gross and inhumane crimes. Today Azerbaijan and Turkey are waging war on the small republic of Artsakh, populated by at least 95% of Armenian people with the same century old intentions to rid the land of Christians and Armenians. Our Armenian brothers and sisters need our help. As the first nation to declare Christianity as our national faith, we Armenians are still strong in faith, Spirit, and prayer.
At Life Originelle we have invested our time, energy and resources to help raise awareness and funds for Armenia and Artsakh. From protesting, petitioning and donating to raising awareness and praying, our hearts are with all Armenians in Artsakh and Armenia. We created a small collection of crosses to support our soldiers with 100% of sales donated and matched to the Armenia Fund.
The collection was made available from October 5th until October 19th 2020. Together, all the purchases raised $3,995.75 and was matched for a total of $7,991.50. We are so grateful for everyone who supported this and Armenia / Artsakh in any way!  
Life Originelle Matched Donations


As Armenia faces another cold winter, this one is already feeling a bit colder than most. One friend of Life Originelle saw an entire winter collection of scarves, hats and headbands that was going to be featured on on our platform for this Fall and Winter and made the amazing gesture to sponsor many of the products to people in need throughout Artsakh. With the help of this one donor and the amazing ability to donate the rest of the collection, we were able to send more than 240 winter wear pieces along with over 100 socks! 




We thank everyone who has supported not only Life Originelle but every Armenian in Armenia and Artsakh during these heartbreaking times. Please do whatever you can to spread awareness, funds and love for Armenians in Armenia and Artsakh and please keep all Armenians in your prayers. Below we've added more ways you can continue to make an impact. We thank you tremendously. 


Armenians are indigenous to the territory known as the Armenian Highlands, sometimes referred to as Eurasia (or Eastern Anatolia), and its boarders can clearly be identified on 1st century BC maps. During the 1920’s Armenia and Azerbaijan both were states under the USSR. Under Stalin’s rule the redrawing of land and borders unethically gave Artsakh, a historically Armenian land, to Azerbaijan. With the fall of the USSR tensions began to grow between both nations, Armenia & Azerbaijan leading to The Artsakh Liberation War which lasted from the late 1980s to May 1994. In May 1994 a ceasefire was signed by both countries.
Regardless of the ceasefire, Azerbaijan attacks Artsakh and Armenia. Not only has Azerbaijan breached the ceasefire countless times since 1994, they began an attack on July 12, 2020 invading Armenia at its border, attempting to carry out an attack on the village of Tavush, Armenia, killing 4 Armenian soldiers fighting in defense.
Reports show that since that time until Fall 2020 Turkey and Azerbaijan have been planning for a full scale war and invaded Artsakh in late September. Soldiers and civilians have been killed, and the city of Artsakh has been destroyed forcing at least half of the population of Artsakh to flee for safety into Armenia. The world is currently facing a Pan-Turkish intent of ethnically cleansing the land of Christian Armenians at the hands of Turkey and Azerbaijan. 

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Spread Awareness:

Share authentic posts from news reporters and humanitarians that truthfully cover what is occurring in Armenia and Artsakh. Reliable sources mentioned above.


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